2 weeks ago
Pediatricians Say Kids Need Simple Toys, Not iPads And Electronics

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has released a statement that explains why basic toys like blocks are healthier for kids than gadgets and screens.

2 weeks ago
The Black Magic Network

Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D shared this video and her message:

"Here's a heart-warming video that's been circulating on Facebook. This is how language, and connection, and reciprocity, and attunement ... See more

So cute. This baby having a full on convo with his dad 📽 @comediandjpryor

2 weeks ago
Beverly Kovach

From my extraordinary RIE® mentor. I learned so much from Beverly Kovatch about the readiness model when it come to potty training.

"Readiness is when they do it."
-Magda Gerber

3 weeks ago

Remembering Dr. Tina Bryson’s session at the RIE(r) conference. It was so good. How we speak to children matters. The words and actions we use matters.


1 month ago
EWG's 2019 Guide to Safer Sunscreens


EWG: A few good choices for *sunscreen.

According to the Mayo Clinic sunscreen is OK to use on babies *6 months or older. Younger babies should use other forms of sun ... See more

EWG assessed more than 1,300 products with SPF and found that about two-thirds still offer inferior sun protection or contain concerning ingredients, such as oxybenzone, a potentially ... See more

1 month ago

RIE® mom Dawn Oliver shares perspective and wisdom.
Thank you for allowing me to share.

When you are feeling frustrated, angry or sad you want someone to acknowledge your feelings not dismiss them. Our children need the same from us as their parents. It’s often hard to do, especially ... See more

1 month ago
Pikler USA

Take a moment......

"Consider all the things that happen in order to create a healthy, compassionate, and functioning adult human being. Think, for instance, of the long train of good decisions, hard work, and sheer ... See more

1 month ago
How to Raise Kind Children

The importance of kindness. We are hardwired to be kind.

Dr. Dale Atkins reveals tips on how to raise kind children.