RIE Bred

RIE (Resources Infant Educarers) class is a 1.5 hr. play group for babies and observation and discussion group for parents where together we spend time observing your baby at play, his/her relationship to their environment and interactions with other infants . Our beautiful and comfortable infant friendly is low tech space is based on simplicity. We gather casually on the floor, around simply crafted objects and "toys." Through Lisa, the RIE educarer, you will be guided to spend the hour and a half session simply observing, allowing yourself to let-go , relax, enjoy and permit for gentle guidance. You'll be surprised and encouraged by the ability to simply observe your child in quiet. Babies and toddler groups socialize, you'll learn subtle cues to better understand your baby's needs, practice daily activities like diapering, feeding and bathing with tenderness and attention, in a supportive atmosphere to have any questions answered. You'll slow down in order to gain knowledge through observation, creating a safe space for you and your baby. Practice letting your baby develop at his/her own pace, free play, and much more.